Thursday, December 17, 2009

Round 2: Bring it on..

Each of the kids chose one thing that they wanted to make for Christmas treats..
Mr. second born, witty, duct tape obsessed, recycler, hoarder, servant, completely visual, door holder, smart alec, tender hearted, out-of-any-box.. picked Turkish delight.. of course he did.

We tried.. really..

But after hours.. literally a green slab of.. ???

It was as hard as the rocks my brothers used as ammunition in their sling shots. I mean we didn't try chucking it like that.. and have to hide behind the mailbox to survive.. and yikes I'm starting to freak out.. enough fond childhood memories..

The kids tried to be supportive, their teeth not so much so... altho it wasn't a complete loss, the kids licked the powdered sugar off..

Today is the day. We are moving in.. watch out you little white delicacy. We've prepped emotionally and physically...

PRAY for US!!!!

It's going to be the Christmas Noah battled the Turkish delight.


Heth said...

Same recipe or a new one? You can do it! You will win. I've always wondered what it tastes like...

Nate said...

Upload the vid to FB so I can see!