Monday, September 21, 2009


One year later.

I've spent the past few weeks walking through so much that I have been too hard to see.

And God has been jacking with me.

But right now. This moment, I want to remember. Remember the gift and the joy and the laughter.

I want to remember him. The hell of a big brother that he was. The kinda of brother that every little girl should have. The kind that have your back and come to your rescue.

I want to remember the last ride he gave me, clinging tightly to his back. The freedom and the trust that I felt. The way that my kids loved him.. and the way that he loved them. The way he made fun of Josh.. making him his brother.

He was always on an adventure. His life was an adventure.

Today I am broken.
Yet clinging to the freedom and joy of a risen Savior.