Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Seeds.. Big Harvest.

Last night we watched Home Makeover. Part of the episode was spent going to different inner city homes and remodeling children's bedrooms. They couldn't build a new home for each of them. But their purpose was to bring hope to each child's life in the way they could. A refuge in the middle of a scary place. A seed of hope, showing they mattered.
Along with beautiful Caribbean Island sunsets and warm beaches, lately this little one has been on my mind.

A little girl living at the worst orphanage we visited in Uganda. The pastor there couldn't turn anyone away, there were bright eyed welcoming children everywhere. She is peaking out from one of the two rooms that 70 children shared. "Mattresses" side by side thrown on a dirty floor, without beds, without bed nets.
If your a friend of mine on facebook, I probably recently recommended you to a page for a ministry called Seeds for the Fatherless. It was originated by a friend of ours who choose to act upon his convictions, to his responsibility to orphaned children. You can find their website here.
The ministry has moved from one person's heart and has partnered with ministries and individuals to intentionally plant seeds of hope. Seeds that offer eternal hope in the lives of children. It may seem like a small seeds such as a child's first bed, backpack, or trading their inner tube in for a real soccer ball. It might mean a home makeover and having furniture in their childrens' home for the very first time. Regardless of the tangible seed that is planted in their lives, it is given in the hope of our tangible Savior- Jesus Christ. It is showing they matter, that they haven't been forgotten, and a Christ-centered relationship is developed.
It's not a just a ministry. It's a tool the community of Christ can use to plant seeds of hope into the lives of children such as this little girl.
Seeds for the Fatherless' heart is planting seed of hope and love into the lives of fatherless children, regardless of what continent they call home. If you know of tangible needs or prayer requests that Seeds for the Fatherless can outreach to, please forward them to the email on their website.
For me, it's a transfer of a burden into a way that I can act. And I like that.


Heth said...

Good stuff. Kind of puts a new perspective on Christmas presents doesn't it.

Natalie Joy said...

Yeah, great stuff!! If we all would think of something to make a difference, plant a seed.