Monday, March 29, 2010


My kids Love Chuck.
I had a cat named Chuck once.
He was actually my dad's cat. Well actually my cat that became my dad's cat.

I am excited.
The wheels have been starting to turn in prep for Trinidad...
It's exciting.

Oliver loves Chuck.
Chuck loved my dad.
My dad was a crazy guy.
I miss him.
He would have watched Chuck with Oliver.

Im excited.
Mainly cause I know it's God and not me.
Trinidad. Not Chuck.

We are entering a season where there are so many things that need to happen to make it happen.
But it's God making it happen.
So that's exciting.

So is Chuck.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 years and counting...

It's been an adventure. The last dozen years or so.
I am thankful for it.
I am thankful for the hard times that encompass me with fears,
which make me drop to my knees vulnerably.
I am thankful for the silly times and more importantly the silly people.
I am thankful for Josh.
That he is crazy in love with a real Christ.
And trusts Him.
With his relationships.
And his family.
I am thankful for the lonely times.
and the scared times.
And the times of extreme heart-wrenching pain.
For it will make me fully understand the Glory of the Lord when I see Him face to face.
And I am thankful for the minutes not yet flown by.
I pray that they may be an investment in His Glory.

I have hesitantly been holding back my excitement in the next stage of this story.

Im not sure why.

We are heading here next fall.

and the following nine months we get to live cross culturally and become part of a new school which trains and raises up leaders to GO.

Why? that's here.

Please pray for us as all the pieces come together :)