Thursday, May 13, 2010


This video thoroughly prepared us for our trip to Bulgaria.

The kids and I have been researching the culture within Trinidad & Tobago. Where did we go again for solid information? YouTube.

I guess that Bizarre Foods isn't really a great starting place. Five little kids watching Mr. Zimmern catch and cook iguana & mussels, then chase them with pigs tails, cow skin soup, and chicken feet doesn't REALLY prepare them, does it? Does it.. ? Will we really become "trini-s"?

I mean it's one think to live in a culture, but to immerse ones self in the culture is another step.

Josh tried really hard this week. We drove to look at a station wagon. It was if we were the lead characters in some really weird movie. I have tried to put it into words, but I Can't.. Let's just say it's a whole nother world in the hills of Arkansas.

And then... I realized as we headed back home that the white headed figures I saw on roadside a few weeks ago were not some secret meeting of pointed headed alive types, but indeed garden gnomes. Phew.. Note that it was LATE, and raining, and my mom wouldn't let me turn around..

Last night at youth we talked about compasses & maps.

Although we would all love a map, most of the time God gives us only a compass and leaves us with uncharted territory :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art in the Trenches

During WWI Edward Stinn was a young man in the trenches in the middle of France. Amidst the sounds, smells, and fears he found himself carving into the artillery shells, creating art masterpieces, pieces of himself. He was my grandfather.

Ralph Winter writes of a ship named the Queen Mary who was designed as a beautiful luxury cruise liner. During WWII she was converted into a battle ship carrying men across the ocean. It was designed to carry 3,000 passengers, converted to carry 15,000 soldiers. From peace time to war time.

Are we expectant of the fine silverware and lush feather beds or are we bunked with brothers that we are willing to fight for the purpose before us if it means our life? If it means survival of more, less for us? Is it peace time or war time?

I don't always understand what is going on behind the scenes. Apparently, I think that God should have assigned me a commander & allow me to call things how they are. But, sometimes in war our perception can be the enemy's greatest ally.

He reminds me that this war is already won, although the battles continue. Am I willing to fight for what I believe? Fight past self gain and self pity? Am I rejoicing in the trenches; in the fear, in the chaos, in the dark quietness.. Do I understand that this is His war & that I have somehow throughout all time in grace I been written into it? Am I making Art in the Trenches to bring Him glory?

Watch out, maybe I'll design a tatoo & have my own art up my arms.. that'll get em talking...

I won't tell you about the butterflies tats that I designed in high school for Josh & I.. ;)