Sunday, July 19, 2009

the great move

i woke up one morning.. thinking i was still dreaming

cause something was definitely strange..

*buy gum!*

i was in arkansas.

it still has a really strange ring to it... i live in arkansas.

and apparently i have a strange ring as well... cause ive been gettin: "youre not from around here.. are ya??"

there's a lot of things that i miss.

like two little girls in matching swimsuits at the pool, hyvee.. oh how i love thee.., and wait.. digital dog pound -ive wanted to howl i miss you so, and then the heritage days parade- im missin my year supply of hot cocoa...

.....did i ever tell you that my dad brought home boxes and boxes and boxes of hot cocoa when i was little.. and driving past carnation (as it will always remain) on just the right days when the sugar is so heavy in the air makes me grin because the memories are so sweet...

but im rambling....

we are indeed not in the cornfields anymore..

i present to you.. without the whiskers on kittens..

my favoritest things thus far:

noah has big news.

ain't she just the cutest thing??

it's every girl's dream is to walk down the isle to the starwars theme song..

single sort recycling.

it has stolen my heart. nothing more needs said.


This little guy was hand picked by my loving husband. Isn't he just the best??

It's arkansas...

Worm guts chased by ice cream.

The best.

Making for richer dinner conversation than gas prices.

You have to come visit to see the little inmate run across the screen dragging his ball and chain..

Meet Sam and Rachel

Isabel's Stow away Salamanders.

Again.. Josh's preaching on chlorination has revealed truth. Not the rich life of Randal.

But she is sporting the "look" well..

But Arkansas didn't do this:

Revealing somethings don't change...