Wednesday, August 12, 2009

an apology to my friend

It was if you were a secret hidden on windy road (..not that I had difficulties finding you..) aligned perfectly with a priceless lake side view to the North, hemmed in beautifully in by a gently flowing stream and playground on your West, and overshadowed by mature trees swaying on your East.

It is obvious that your creator carefully planned all the details of you, the joy that would come to all those who climbed the hill and entered your gates.

Not just any swimming pool.. set on a hill with the sunshine beating down.
At one time, you would have been the Caribbean of Arkansas.
But beauty is fleeting.
And every"thing" is replaced...
well... except you.

Today.. I just wanted to apologize.
Today we didn't see the glory of your youth. We didn't smell the freshly painted sign and crisp chlorine. The deck aligned with chairs in a row. The kids waiting.. anticipating your first opening.

When we arrived, you already seemed depressed.

Was it the lifeguards.. or the lack thereof?
Or the did the toddlers going off the diving boards bring you anxiety?
The free for all diving pit.. where kids and survivors are sorted??
Was the toilet mint smell nauseating you?
Or the dozens of leaves floating through your once sparkling water??
Did they push you over the edge when they insulted you with a playground slide, hooked up with water lines.... rather than investing in your future??
I guess I just can't pinpoint it.

But then, I feel like I deserted you when you needed me most.
Or.. is "it" something you're just used to??
How embarrassing for you.
Children, adults, everyone staring at "it".
Trying to decipher what "it" is.
And fleeing your water... how did they even notice a "sinker" in the midst of the floaters??

I didn't do it.. I swear... I mean my kids didn't.
Honestly.. two swimming suits are in our garbage cause our sinker happened before the adventure.

You sat there all lonely.
Dirty, contaminated.. deserted.
We couldn't bring ourselves to get back in.
Even when they drowned you in chemicals.. ( is that possible?)
Well. honestly.. Bel did get in... but your makeshift slide intrigued her.

And then we left.
and went across the road to the stream filled with other natural sinkers..
when not knowing is better.

Please forgive me.

And thank you.. for you have shown me Arkansas can't be that different from Africa.