Sunday, April 5, 2009


Truth is.. it takes a special dog to have a family like us. No one could ever leave digested underwear in the yard as beautifully as you and never have i seen a dog so graceful on the trampoline. I know it's been a love-hate relationship.. kinda like Chumley..but it's really hard to say good-bye.
You have so much potential.. and somehow get lost in the chaos of us. We are pretty stinkin nutso even without you..
And yet you have helped us though the toughest year of our life. You have helped us mourn.. sometimes made us cry..
and stinking made us laugh all the time.
I know.. I know.. I'm getting sappy.
In many ways you became a part of this dysfunctional.. ever changing.. never grounded family.
Yet tomorrow night you'll sleep in normal life.
I know that God placed you in our life for these days.
And even in the life of a dog.. He knows your next.
So be good.
Show them Tina is wrong.. you CAN sit..
*when you want*
and enjoy it buddy.
know that we love you.
Love mom.


Heth said...

Look at those puppy pictures!! Oh sweet Gus.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Where is he going?

Amie said...

That is so sweet! Looks like a scrapbook page coming on.....

mel said...

he's heading to minneapolis.. :(

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Awww...I love the digesting underwear story, it's the best!

Tina said...

Gus, I will always treasure giving you a bath and having you shake your self all over my bathroom. I will always remember the way you jerked my arm off at our walk on the bike trail and how you went nutso when that other dog was near. I will never forget your mothers attempt to abandon you at my doorstep.
If only Shawn would allow it. And I will never forget the attention we got from every. single. person. when we were with you.

Someday I will have my own Gus.... good luck with your new family. Know that you have enriched the lives of so many here and you will surely bless more!!! Farewell my friend!

And... I hope they teach you how to sit.

jenni said...

I seriously got a lump in my throat and tears reading this. We'll miss ya Gus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

That is a LOT of Gus pictures.

Why do you have to make it so sentimental? It's just a dog, right?

I know I'm wrong. I just haven't experienced pet-dom the way you have.

Your Not-Animal-Loving Friend