Friday, April 3, 2009


i was *almost* absolutely sure that when my feet hit Bulgarian soil that i would be filled with the ability to communicate well ..complete with a beautiful accent. i don't think it was as great of a disappointment as the night our bus left a gypsy village.. my cheek pressed against the snot decorated glass.. sobbing in my unworthiness and my lack of ability to heal a child.

under the powerful sun as i held tightly the most beautiful baby.. traveling down the red dirt roads of Uganda somewhere in the lush green i believed i would discover a clear vision balanced with passion and ta-da:::: *direction*

it's been a long night.. and i have pretty much drowning in my own shadow of fear, pain, selfishness, & hurt. it's not working. i want out.

i am humbled in Him.


jenni said...

i'm here for you always. i love you! great video!

Heth said...

The unsure times are the hardest times. Praying you'll find some supernatural peace while you wait on Him.

Shan said...

Mel, i loved it, it was ama-zing. It really was, I touched me in a way. Love ya always

Amie said...

Oh honey honey. Praying for your direction. I love how honest you real.

Tina said...

God knows.