Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two guys came to our door today wearing name tags. I asked them if they liked wearing name tags. To my surprise their answer was yes. Which would really bug me, being told that I had to become Elder Melanie. They said it was better than safety equipment at their last job, but somehow that didn't sell me on it. They were both really nice guys and pretty real and passionate and we had a great chat. Well mostly just Josh and them, I picked up rotten pumpkins off the porch. And I thought about wearing a backpack and the bondage it would hold me in, everyday with a backpack and name tag, everyday. Would the world know the me behind my pin?

And I got thinking about Elder Melanie. Even though I don't have a "real" little name tag. How often do I show up and go through my motions. Selling myself to what I'm selling.

Anyone following me here?

Cause if I could somehow give that up- selling myself to what I am selling and selling others to what I'm selling and finally eliminate the coat, the pin, the bag full of junk that I carry.

What- Junk? Am I not as religious as these two young men, with a heart full of fear in actually responding to God, acknowledging that I just don't have a lead part in this whole production, or how about the desire to fill this void instead with things, food, and anything tangible.

What would I find under my coat? With nothing to win, nothing to gain, nothing to lose.

Just me. Messy, yes. But me.

Who every loses his life, will find it.


Michelle Gibilisco said...

Ok, I can just picture Josh talking with these two guys with name tags. My dad spends hours talking to them. Funny, I pretend I'm not that bad?

nicole said...

ahh, I heart you!! Those guys are regulars at our house!! they love to "debate" with Ben!! the summer before last they were here like every night and i even made food for them! it is good stuff, even if all of the details don't match ours....takes a lot of cahones to put your faith on your nametag and strap on a backpack! i know for sure people are less than nice to them, but they do it...what do i do??? hmm, does having a Jesus fish on my car count...nope I dont think so! hmmmmmmm

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

If you did have to wear a nametag and would the the cutest.

I am thankful for His grace...because if it depended on my my works...I'd be in a WHOLE lotta trouble.

Deep thoughts girlie...deep thoughts.