Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i am trying SO hard to turn off the flash and spin the dial to manual. i still have so many skills to learn...
since it is LESS than *3* months to figure out this contraption AND learn Swahili..
i cornered a willing subject who posed as a Ugandan..

this is the subject: let's call her Mom
subject taken with old camera which was:
dropped in flood
played with by 100s of gyspy kids :)
flippy thingy on front stuck open
on ebay for 10 bucks

And here is out subject again: Mom without the attractive hat
using new camera:
far away from flood water
Flashy: yes
Flash: not so flashy :(

subject: found another willing Ugandan.
new camera:
too dark. :(
but NO flash!!
on "Av".... which isn't fully manual
but isn't fully automatic..
which leaves me somewhere in the middle.
Hum.. maybe swahili will go better...
happy thanksgiving! eat lots of pie. take lots of pictures.
call your brother names- hit em aroung a little bit- they like it.


Beth said...

what a fun post! thanks for sharing your picture taking evolution! you will learn your camera and take AMAZING pics while saying "smile" in Swahili!!

Dufas said...

I just hope maybe you can help me to become a real photographer like you someday! Your "mom" is definitely flashy, and also very Ugandan.

ann said...

Okay, I learned a little bit of Kiswahili before I went to Tanzania:

Ndizi=banana (pronounce it nnndeeezeee, NOT ennndeezee),

Habari gani=what is the news (what's up!)

but you can add to it: habari gani rafiki (what is the news friend) or habari gani ndizi (what is the news banana) hahahaha!

They really only said "Jambo" to the tourists. I wish I could remember more. It's been 14 years, back then I could say a lot more, I'm too old, don't remember.

Oh yeah, asante sana was thank you very much. I even had a little book. I wonder if it's in my box of Tanzania stuff.

I'm so excited that you are going! And I'm so excited that I have a really cute hat like yours. Yay I'm stylish! And I love that I can just be me and say What is the news banana on your comments and you won't call me a freakshow like Nate does. <3

Heth said...

Oooh, fun! Getting braver with the Av there girl. I really like that pic. Thinking of your family today, love you.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Your mom is a good sport!