Saturday, November 8, 2008

its been a little over five years ago. i walked in young, naive, and brave. two toddlers and a baby under my arm. it hurt. i hid back the tears from traumatizing my wee ones.

i have a strange shaped nose. don't look to closely, just take my word for it. so to draw attention away, i wanted it low. trust me, it seemed to make sense. but it was completely in the wrong spot.

after a few months i banished it. i swore i would never do it again. it's like a root canal, someone leaning into your face- leaving you without any control. coming after you with instruments and tools never intended to be created for the human body. nuts.

but in a moment of weakness here i sit. i think it may have been my midlife crisis that i have been sorting through. or tina making me out to be a complete wimp. but she convinced me, although somehow i was unable to convince her...??

so we went.

and the special "piercing" lady was gone.:)

and just as i thought that i was off the hook.. my odd and strange husband encouraged to go back.
did i mention to you that he really thinks that i should get dreads? and i saw someone tonight in panera:) that had them ALL the way down her back and they were SO amazing... and yes i stared.


so we went back to the little room and she came after me with "the" needle.
i don't' think she even thought about giving her poor victim a moment to process it all.
that's when i started to hyperventilate.
as i was gasping for air- i managed to request to her that she explain the procedure.

and she did and did it well, "now i am going to pierce your nose."

and of course the question arose: is it going to hurt? (since i didn't know this already..)
can you believe she told me for only 5 minutes!! 5 minutes!! i was freaking about 5 seconds!!

and yes i started to cry. but that's when i saw it.. her tattoo, "Jesus Wept."

and pushing her forearm back again.. with every ounce panic strengthening my adrenaline..
i said, "see- Jesus cried too. i'm really not a baby."
and with that-together she and josh held me back, demolishing my resistance..

i grasped his hand harder than any of my five labors, and the 10 inch needed pierced into my flesh.

*ok dramatized a little.*
but it did really hurt for like 20 seconds or something.

and yes it was completely drawn out and yes all the teenagers in the entire place snickered as i walked out.

but they didn't know what awaited them..


NICOLE said...

YOU BRAVE CRAZY WOMAN!!! cant wait to see it!!!!!

ann said...

Picture please! I bet it looks great :)

Tina said...


Yeah right... like I was going to do that. duh. I'm 40.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I want one so bad...but I'm such a wuss...I'd rather give birth...I'll just live vicariously through yours :)

I think you're awesome.

ann said...

Yay for pictures! It looks delicate and lovely :)

Heth said...

Super duper cute. Love it.

I wish I wouldn't have taken mine out.