Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been reading this book on heaven.

You want to go to Bulgaria, you find out about Bulgaria.

Likewise with Uganda. J

Yet what do I really know about heaven??


My biggest question through this entire thing has been: Where do I go from HERE?

Honestly, between you, me, and God- I'm not Job.

It's been hard thing for this girl to figure out.

But somehow dissecting the word about how incredible God's plan in for our future is blows the lid right off my box.


It seems that lately all around me there have been so many struggles, change, heartbreak, loss, and pain.

Where do we go from HERE?

HERE: where things are jacked, we see glimpses of Him but His glory and worship hampered by sin.

Where do we go from HERE?


THERE into His promises where all things are made right, where He has redeemed, renewed, restored, recovered, and reconciled.

And that excites me. And I can't wait to see how it all goes down. And I can't wait to taste chocolate on the new earth.


And somehow that puts it back into perspective. This pain is real, but temporary. Really temporary. And it's not my life.

So the question changes: I know where I go from HERE.

But a new question arises: what am I going to do while I'm HERE.




Tina said...

amen sister.


Heth said...

Love God and love others.

Great post Mel, and great perspective.

melanie said...

trust steadily in God, hope unswevingly, love extravagantly.

nicole said...

good stuff Mel. You are right this is all temporary---painful and scary and sucky but temporary.

jenni said...

have i told you today that i love you! i do i really really do!