Wednesday, October 8, 2008

indepth conversation:

Bel: i don't get it. why didn't God just make us smart? is it because of sin that we have to do school?

Me: i don't know Bel. God just wants us to do the best we can at school and everything He asks us to do.

(dodging question, still folding socks..)

Bel: hum... but why do we really need to know this? why would God care about rhyming words? when am i going to need to know rhyming words for God?

(looking up from laundry at my new teenager..)

Me: you need to just do it Bel.

Me: i don't get it ... God- why didn't they just come potty trained...?


nicole said...

ah Bel, i wonder the same thing, expecially now as i am studying for my series 7 test i wonder why God just does not make it so i can smack myself in the head with the book and know it all!!! But then again, the book is rather large and it might hurt quite a bit, so maybe it is for our own good? smiles

Beth said...

Why can't I just remember the things I learned in 5th grade so I don't have to find stuff on the internet (stuff I should know from 5th grade)for my 5th grader????

Amie said...


I love this. Just love it.

Heth said...

That Bel, I just love her.

jenni said...

Great minds think alike! This sounds like the exact conversation I had with my Geometry teacher... except I was 17 not 6. "Mr. Green when I am ever going to use this in my life... WHEN!"