Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does it make sense to have internet access in a tent?? Apparently, it doesn't rain much here.

Notes to one's self:
1. Toliet paper is good
2. Squatting is not as much fun as it sounds
3. Communists don't know squat about hotel construction
4. Ben would freak out at the electrical code- or lack thereof (only josh would notice)
5. Wasps don't fry in 230 volts
6. Salt water is really salty
7. Speedos rock. Well, not really.
8. I can't wait to start youth and actually talk to the kids!!!

Good night.
Good morning from the black sea.


Nicole said...

miss you guys~i have no doubt of the love and understanding you are bringing to the people and children of Bulgaria and the hope in our Father you are leaving behind.Ben was pretty psyched to be in his first blog...I about fell off the couch laughing. the pic of Pastor with the kids on Chris' blog brings tears to my eyes God bless you all!!

Amie said...

Squatting - I bet you can do it standing up. :p

Love you! We will have tons of pictures on here when you get back, right??

Heth said...

Squatting? Really? Oh my goodness.

jenni said...

Josh in a speedo... Yikes!!!!!!!!
Squatting is one thing... having to drip dry too well that's just plain roughin' it! Good job girly!
Love you lots! Called your sis and mom this morning(8/11) - the kids are doing fine.