Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bananas and Jelly Fish

In the past two weeks, we have witnessed many moments when God has moved. I have so many that I want to share with you, but this one can't wait.

In an afternoon of free time on the beach, it what seemed like an awesome opportunity to unite brothers and sisters in Christ, we took off flying across the black sea on top of a big inflated banana, Pastor Marvin, Nick, Tammy, Josh, Cara, and I.

It wasn't me really. It was Tammy's fault. She kept telling the jet ski driver to go faster and faster. The crazy woman, braver than most. I cried, I pleaded. I hit her. But with my screaming, the faster it went. Then from behind, the first victim. Nick flew through the air. We immediately slowed down. He signaled to us that he had survived. Then we saw them. Sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, uncle: a big ol family of jelly fish. Every direction we looked.

Suddenly, we knew we had to get our brother down out fast. He bravely climbed aboard. He was a survivor, with only a small sting. Relief flooded us.

I am not sure if our driver knew that we couldn't communicate with him and in amusement knew he could simply got a chuckle from us ignorant Americans, or if he innocently and unintentionally flipped our banana. But when taking off again, he wrapped the rope under our safe floating fruit. Then gunned his throttle. Within a few moments, we were all plummeting into the sea. Into the jelly fishys.

If I hadn't ever related to Dori from Nemo before, I did at this moment. Our bodies stiff, trying to float above them. Just keep floating, floating. They were everywhere, and we were scattered among them, big and little, hundreds of them. We were like a banana split scattered in a bunch of sprinkle toppings.

But God was faithful and delivered us all back safely to our yellow refuge. And we flew across the sea back to the beach. Tammy in disappointment that the ride was over, me in relief. Don't let her sweet spirit fool you, she is crazy indeed!! What an adventure.

Tomorrow we begin the trip to come home, traveling to Sofia and Friday flying home. Thanks for all of your prayers and love, see you all soon!!

disclaimer: i am without spell check, so pretend like you didn't see it.


jenni said...

I'm glad it was you and not me. I think I would have had a major freak-out! As far as Tammy goes... well, I could have told you that biker babe was a wild one. Tammy you know I love you:) I can't wait for you to come home!!!!!!!!!!
Be safe. LOL!

Heth said...

That is a riot.

"an awesome opprotunity to unite brothers and sisters in Christ"

Crack me up. I can't wait to see you guys!!! It seems like you have been gone a year!

Michelle Gibilisco said...


momzie said...

I hope you all come back telling story after story and don't grow weary of telling them again and again. We all can't wait to see and hear you all!

Michelle said...

I love you (bunches!) get it? Banana - bunches? I know, I know. But what did you expect - I am humorously drained after watching five little wee ones. It changes the whole make up of one person - I need a vacation to recover! Glad you are home. Look forward to hearing all about God's hand on HIs wild and crazy travelers!!!

Amie said...

First you were like woah, then you were like, woah, then it was like, wooahhh. Taking on the jellies. You have serious thrill issues, Dude.

Amie said...

And what is a banana boat, please?