Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey everyone!!! We are in Starra Zagora!! The count has been on for so long, and here we are a week into the trip!! I could write a book about the things that God has been doing and showing us. I think the hardest has been wrapping our arms around the children and rubbing their sweet faces, and then having to say good-bye. Knowing that we may never see them again until the kingdom of Heaven. Be prepared for many many pictures of the most beautiful children, the biggest brown and sparkling green eyes!! Tomorrow we travel to the black sea to run a youth camp. Camp on the Black sea, Shanda- you need to come!!!

Pastor Marvin celebrated his birthday. I don't think we were the same as having his wife and family to celebrate with!! But we did rig him up a cake, sort of. Note to self: learn Bulgarian, cake vs. boxed cake mix.

Homesick?? Josh really really wants a burrito from Pablos with extra beans and Hy-Vee breakfast. You can pray. We both miss five crazy little kids, but know that God has them covered.

Be prepared for our return. Much of our communication is now done through grunts, drawing, and charades. Evolution?- Bah!

Thanks for your prayers and love!! Dobervecher!! Chow, chow!! ~mel and josh


jenni said...

We can't wait to see you guys! We miss you like crazy, but we know that you are exactly where God wants you to be. Love you lots!
p.s. about the awesome shoes you're talking about... can I wire you some $ somehow? :)

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

The pictures I have seen so far are amazing. I know God is doing a powerful work through each of you. I can't sit down at the computer to look at them without crying and crying and crying.
I am so excited to hear what God has and will accomplish through the remainder of your mission.

Love you guys!

Amie said...

So you got the cake or the cake mix? Can't wait to see you again - glad it's going well!!

Heth said...

And I'm sure that Pablos and Hyvee miss him too.

It has been so fun to look through the photos. Amazing. It's obvious that God is working!