Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys' Orphanage

This was one of my most treasured days on the trip. We went to a boys home in the city of Stara Zagora. Structurally, it was very much what you would picture an orphanage in a previously communist country to look like. But somehow the Spirit of oppression was not with these young men. They were filled with joy that poured out and although we came to minister to them, they ministered to each of us.

Not to mention they played a mean game of soccer, on asphalt! They wouldn't let me play, I think it was obvious that I am a weeny. So I played with two younger boys. They did me in. Exhaustion couldn't devour the desire all three of us had to claim the moment to the fullest, the few hours our lives intertwined until the kingdom of heaven. I wished that my boys could have been there.

This is Cara. She leaves for college today, I miss her already. She was such a gift to all of us. The little guy in the pink onesie was just a hoot, he would be playing the games then abandon them start running around full of life without a care or concern. We could truly see Jesus' hand upon them and through each of them.

This was Josh's pal. He was just about ready to be leaving the orphanage. He could speak a little English!! He was very gentle and God had given him wisdom beyond his years.

The girl in the blue stripped shirt's name is Marina. We first met her here, but she has grown to become a dear sister in Christ. I've got to devote an entire post to her!! She knew each of the boys personally and wasn't going to let the Americans beat her boys at soccer, not that we had a chance.

If this day was our only day in Bulgaria, it would have been a gift. Driving away, the boys waiving and running along our bus, I knew that God did such a work in each of our hearts.


Michelle Gibilisco said...

Cool photos and nice ending to your post! Glad you're back safe!

chris said...

What a gift for God to call you two to minister in Bulgaria. I am certain that those boys will long remember the American couple who raidiated the love of Jesus.

Amie said...

They wouldn't let you play - lol

I was praying for the reason of a post like this. :)

jenni said...

what an experience!!! Sooooooooooo glad you're back! :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I'm with Chris, they will remember you just like you will remember them.

Praying your transition home is going well. After my first mission trip, it seemed harder to re-adjust myself to our culture than it was going there and adjusting to theirs.