Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gyspy Village 1

So most of the Roma or gypsy culture in Bulgaria is treated as outcasts. There are many emotions with the Bulgarian people in regards to them and the history on both sides has issues. After communism, many people living in small villages or in the country went to work in the larger cities, leaving the elderly and many of the villages unoccupied. This left a place for the Roma to call home, much of it in bad conditions.

Here they have their own world, poor but I found full of joy
and very much alive. The church is trying to break into both cultures and unite the two worlds
in Jesus. They have planted many churches and
are in the beginning of many more.

The first night that we arrived in Bulgaria, on our way to the hotel, we stopped in this village. The church is just beginning to develop. The conditions here we found were one of the best villages, many of their homes made from concrete of some sort. It is very common to have a horse and wagon, and one day some young men tried to race our bus, they were booking right along.

I made the mistake of showing the kids the church camera at the beginning of the service. But they stole my heart.

Our mission transfered in our hearts from Bulgaria to Bulgarians, from a mission to simply loving God's people, and them returning to us love greater than we could comprehend.


Amie said...

How awesome, Mel. Is it very common to have a church bringing the two together? That is fascinating to me.

Tina said...

I could read, listen, hear about your trip all day long.

God is good.