Monday, July 14, 2008


Number 4. Ollie: aka: Hollywood. His Sunday school teacher thought that maybe he should re-snap his dress shirt and leave the look for Hollywood, but apparently he enjoyed his new title as he ran through the gym with his shirt open proudly proclaiming, "I'm Hollywood."

We have tried to jam as much pool time and real summer into the past few weeks as possible! Only *17* days before we leave!


Beefy said...

Mr. Hollywood is adorable - Love the slip n slide pictures - too cute! :)

Nicole said...

that is completely hilarious!!! he is definitely dangerous with a snap shirt!!!! go Hollywood---- or should we call him Oliwood? We will call him anything he likes as long as he stays and hangs out with us! the pics are adorable~~~

ann said...


What a cutie ba-doodie.