Friday, May 9, 2008

the oldest.

Was i mad. it's one thing to be the one dishing it out, but to be completely fooled by an 8 year old.

I was just telling the youth on wed about my dad. Sometimes it's easier to box in his memory, but really I miss him, and can't wait, can't wait, till the day when I see him!! He was such a fun guy. One thing that has always been a bummer is that he was one of those grandpa guys that would have loved grandkids and never met them.

So yesterday our oldest, lets just call her Maja, for those of you who actually don't know me personally, which is none of you, it's pronounced my- uh. She approaches me with a postcard and calmly tells me that one of our friends droped it in the mailbox. I never questioned it. First of all, my child lie? And with the insaneness of May Day just behind us. ((a another story.. involving lot of blood!!)) But mostly just because this friend's child is on me every. single. time. I see her about getting our families together. Recently, just the night before.

So it read something like, "Hey guys, we would really like it if your fam
ily and ours could get together May 9th. Maybe the kids could spend the night and it would be great." Complete with addresses, forged writing, and all the details folks. She is good.

And why didn't I see it coming?

She pleads with me, "is it going to work mom?"
"Honey, it's ki
d's night out." (the best nights of the year!) "and her mommy has a race the next day." (crazy girl)
"so no."

So I call our "friends". Duh.
"Whatcha up to? What's your daughter doing?"
Yah, you guessed it. She had been occupied for hours, doing things a whole lot more constructive than "mine".
After arguing for way too long, it finally dawned on me. Me, the scammer, taught so skillfully by my father, had been scammed.

Simple, yet done so well.

So after a brief message on the father of all lies, I realized her grandpa would be proud.

And this morning on the fridge I found my apology:


Sarah said...

She's are gorgeous, inside and out! Man, she's a smart one!!! (totally cracks me up...because these sort of things are always funny when they're not your own kid :)

Your dad sounds like an amazing bear his qualities, and your children will know him, through you...always be blessed in the memories :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet your wonderful dad!!! That sounds funny very momma!!

I love you very very very very much!!


ann said...

Okay, that is just way too awesome. Not only the scam, but the POEM! How many 8 year olds can use the word "manipulate" correctly?? Here, I'll ask Owen. Ha, he said, "What's that?" after I asked him to make a sentence using the word manipulate.

Maja, you're one smart girl.

Tina said...

that is awesome!!!

Michelle said...

Yep- She's got a bit more of dad in her than we all thought. remember - i always say the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for - and dad could be quiet at times... watch out... dad's alaughin and saying, "that's my grandkid!" love ya! -M

Heth said...

This is the best story ever.

Beefy said...

That is the most adorable apology I have ever seen. How could you stay mad at that? :) "Let's just call her maja". You're so cute.

Jenni said...

You're awesome "Maja" not only do you leave your momma an adorable message on the fridge you even leave an anonymous comment for her. Just for that you deserve your request of all getting together and a sleepover!!! I love you! God has amazing plans for your life! :)

Becoming Me said...

I found your blog from Sarah's site. It was nice to visit you. You do have a smart little girl.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Wow! She's good! Nice teaching...she uses the word manipulate!

Angela said...

Holy cow, that is a great story. Maja is so super special; I miss having her in Kid's Church.

Will you introduce me to your dad? I look forward to meeting him!

Love you.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

oh my goodness, this was so cute!

Diana said...

this is only a test...just got a google account so I could post...