Monday, May 12, 2008


i know that there are people and other people out there who love "lists". but i. don't. get. them.

actually i totally stink at them. i can see the benefits, really. but they just don't normally work for me. i make the effort to make them, then spend the day trying to find them, probably buried in the toilet paper isle at wal-mart, sabotaged by a toddler.

really, i think i have rebelled against them through the years . i refuse to conform to the pattern of people in my life who live according to them. i call it "freedom" from lists.

except is there "freedom" in lists?? cause when you don't have to think about the things that you are constantly thinking about, then you are free to focus on things you really want to think about instead of stupid little nagging things that you shouldn't' t be wasting your time thinking about anyway that should be on a list. right?

anyways, i thought i would practice on all of you, my week in *list* form!!

1. this week marks the end of josh's inste. yipeee!!! he has wrapped up every little detail of his last project and it's all done- i am so proud of him!!! no more studying, after 5 year, i officially have him back!! now he can join me on thursday nights when i put the kids to bed at 7, eat lots of yummy chocolate, and watch lost. he.he. ((if i let him!!))

2. i can officially wipe the words, "i'm so tired, not so good at this prayer thingy.." from my memory- and the kids can too, i think they can pretty much do every line. the "drama" is over.. but the crying out to God thingy will go on forever!!
side note: hey, i did buy 2 new "red" suitcases this week for bulgaria!! (20 bucks at younkers, yeh!)

3. my baby is two! i don't know where the last 2 years went. i think i understand now why the baby is called the baby. can't she just stay here??- well at least for just a little while...

4. i am trying to do a garage sale. i thought about posting sign: buy my junk, all proceeds go to injections. but that doesn't really sound too good. injections that are scary, but legal- for missions..

5. the kids have finished their last lessons in school!! and yes, i am still being a dork about next year. why don't you just decide for me already???

6. i bought the book "making the cut" but jillian michaels. it scares me. she really scares me. i think she could beat me up really bad. there goes my gladiator dreams.... but did you see that am gladiator was back this week????.. and oh with good new stuffs...

7. i was so blessed by two testimonies last night of former youth kids. makes me remember what it's all about. that God is still so huge, and that He is passionate, and that He just completely amazes me.

8. there i did it. eight things, not so bad. number 8: have an awesome weekend. in our little dot on the map, it is beautiful. blessings to you. now i am going to officially get off this thingy...


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh for the love of the list, that was AWESOME!!
1 - YAY! I felt the same way after 5 years of seminary!!!

4 - you should definitely post that sign.

Now admit it...didn't that list feel good?!? :) Love ya!

Angela said...

LISTS RULE! I love them, too. I should use them more for blogging. It would give me something to write about. :-)

Congrats to Josh...what an amazing accomplishment. You'll be there someday, too. Love ya!

Heth said...

YAY JOSH! Oh my goodness, congratulations. Huge accomplishment, for both of you. It's a commitment but so worth it.

"i'm so tired, not so good at this prayer thingy.." at our house those words are "I'm coming, I'm coming. OUCH! What is that?" You'll see on sunday. You did so great at the drama Mel. It was so powerful.

Jillian is a rock star. Wow. Let me know what you think of her book.

The school thing is a hard decision. I won't try to influence you in any way....*cough* Camryn loves Maja *cough*

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Tell Josh congrats! I didn't know he was getting that close to the end, yay!

On the school thing...that is your decision. You have great, smart kids, you'll make the right choice! : ) Happy Weekend!

Beefy said...

Garage sale. Yeah, I just brought the crib down to the kitchen just now. :) Little late, I'll bring it to Christi's and spare you the headache!

That is awesome, Josh! way to go!

You need a grocery list that is laminated in layout of the grocery store you shop at. Then make 5 little check boxes and check it if you need it. Print a few, so you can still lose it, but can also get chewed on for 5 grocery trips. :) Bad part about it - you type out everything you ever shop for....may be a long list. Hey, or just type staples and leave room for a list at the bottom of rare extras! lol

ann said...

This was so fun to read! I'll do a list if I'm in the mood for it. sometimes I make a TO DO list of stuff I've already done hoping Eric will see it laying there and see I didn't read blogs all day long hahaha!

Congratulations Josh! That is awesome! Way to persevere, both of you :)

My baby isn't quite two yet, but I completely agree, I want her to stay little longer.

And seriously, paper cuts hurt worse than shots. You get the shot and by the time you get home the pain is gone. But a paper cut will hurt and annoy you for days.

And I've rambled on long enough!
Have an awesome weekend :)

ann said...

Good morning Melanie! Me again. I got your message this morning that you sent me a Life Journal~THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I can't wait to get it!! :)

Jenni said...

Oh, the LIST... the other day I thought I'd be super organized and write out a list for the groceries. Where do you think I left it... that's right... the kitchen table. So much for that! :) I can't tell you how many times I've wrote out a list only to leave it on the passenger seat. Guess who's to lazy to leave the cart and haul all the kids back out to the van to get it... that't right... ME! Gotta love lists!

Tina said...

I like your list. It's a good start. I don't LOVE it. It tells you things you are thinking about but it's not a "DO" list... or a "BUY" list... try another one today... one like this..

1. milk
2. eggs
3. bread

It's freeing. :)

I LOVE you!