Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bulgaria Update!

Seriously, it is getting so close!! We had a meeting a couple nights ago, leaving like only 2 before the trip!! We had such an awesome experience. A couple opened up their homes to our little mission trip family. It was so great. The wife was raised in Bulgaria. They hardly knew us, and yet welcomed wouldn't be a word to fully describe their hospitality. They told us that they would be making a few Bulgarian dishes for us to taste. In arriving, they had prepared like a kabillion course meal. They were really a blessing to us.

As we listened to their perspective of the Bulgarian culture, I realized that this is who they are. They drop everything, to serve and lavish what little they may have on others. Even through generations of oppression.

I realized that I know so very little. The couple had photos of an elderly monk with an incredible beard, he just looked like someone that you would want to sit at his side and listen to for hours. Except I can officially speak one word of Bulgarian.

But then I think of the past week. How blessed that I have been by those around me. You all don't look as cool as the monk, sorry. But really. I think that the community God has given us is such a representation of the relationship He intended with man. Kinda a crappy one at times, especially in my selfishness. God loves messy people doesn't He? Cause if He can at all in any way be glorified in this dorky messy girl, and in my weakness receive glory, then that just is bigger than I can get.

The days are growing closer, and I pray my heart is growing closer to Him. Cause I really have nothing to offer the faces of the people that we will touch. Except Him. Which is everything.


Sarah said...

How exciting, Mel! And you're so right...He is everything...enough.

Praying for you trip...

Angela said...

I cannot WAIT to hear all your stories when you get back. God is going to do awesome, incredible things in and through you. I believe it. I believe in YOU and God's call on your life to minister. You do it every day, and you will step out and experience it in new ways in Bulgaria.

Heth said...

It's so exciting to see how God is going to use you. He already is and has been.

How was the food? Yummy?

ann said...

I can't wait to hear your stories too! When do you go? Are you sending letters out for sponsors? If so, get our address from Heth and send us one!!

Tina said...

I have a feeling you are goin to be so blown away by God on this trip. You think your heart is only for will find your heart is for God's people. all. over. the. world.