Monday, April 7, 2008

where's that easy button??

each year we've decided to evaluate our schooling decision. when our oldest was in kindergarten, this was such a huge debate in our minds. should we send her to school or home school her? we struggled back and forth with making a decision. .. to a point that the school system grew annoyed!!.. not to mention our families odd questions and critiques.

if only there could be a logical black and white answer. instructing your children in the way that they should go consists of this process: a) b) c) d)

we gathered advice, opinions, prayed. it seemed that everything circled around what God was calling specifically our family to do, even though it had been modeled incredibly each way in other's lives around us. sometimes there isn't a right or a wrong answer. both paths have difficulties and rewards to them.

i think it felt so good to just make a decision for first grade and to roll with it. and so we have found ourselves the past three years with a dining room full of books, papers and projects pasted to our walls, and fridays are labeled as spelling test day.

this spring God has prompted me to question why again that i have made the choice that i have. what is my purpose behind it and what is best for each of my children. i have grown comfortable in my decision, and changing from that scares the wits out of me!!

i have enjoyed these days so much. watching each of my children learn, the next moment passing their knowledge on to their younger siblings. i have enjoyed breaking the structure our culture often demands. of seeing first hand their weaknesses and strengths and experiencing them with them. but it has had it's struggles and sacrifices.

what does it mean though to be in the world and not of it? why can i so easily envision bringing my children into the center of another country but not in a school system in my little hometown? can i trust Him or is it what He has called us to do? what are God's purposes for them individually and what is He trying to show them?

ahh... does anyone else find themselves burdened with crazy questions??


Ann said...

This is the first year our kids have been in public school. They were in Christian school before, but it's outrageously expensive here. I was worried at first, too. But I think about my brother and sister-in-law and see how they react to public school issues and it helps me a lot.

Also, I used to teach in a public school, so I know that there are loving, caring, Christian teachers even in the public system so that brings me comfort too.

All of a sudden the song, "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" comes to mind. Especially the Casting Pearls version (love them!)

Anyway, now I'm just rambling. I'm so glad you're blogging again.

Heth said...

I think you are wise to re-evaluate every year. I also think you are wise to do what GOD is leading you to do and not what the culture or everyone around you is doing. And yes, I wish there was an easy button. Especially for housework.

Sarah said...

I think God has me in constant evaluation mode...trying to make sure I'm always in step with where He's leading. Sometimes things stay the same, and sometimes they change. I think it's so we keep seeking after Him and crying out for help :) Great post!

iridium said...

Ever consider that one thing is preparation for another?

Not to put dreams into your heads, but how easy is it to pluck your children out of public schools to plant them in a foreign country versus bringing them with and continuing to educate them the way you've "always done it?"

Beefy said...

Great post - Change is scary. Trust is hard. But it's so good to hear that you are aware of your comfort, too. You're great.