Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hands& Feet

I am seriously having one of those mental breakdown days. (( I am even using my shift button!)) I could very well be having a midlife crisis. Seriously folks. My dad died at 59, so this is very possible. I could be pregnant. Well, not really. But that would be fun. It could be from childhood suppressed memories. My brothers used to lock me in the broom closet. That left me pretty damaged. Wow, I feel like I am at a therapy session.

But, it's all about this folks.

And here.

And them.

Audio Adrenaline- Hands & Feet:
" We as the Church need to realize that we are supposed to be a part of the solution. God is not calling us to sit in a church building and pray that something might happen. He wants us to get out of the building and personally do something about the needs. As the people of God, we desperately need to re-imagine how we can mobilize our faith. We need to learn how to serve those around us and those in need. It is about putting ourselves out there and letting God show us where we need to be."
"It may sound trite, but it's profoundly true: As Christians we are the hands and feet of Jesus. We need to live what the Scriptures tell us to do- to love the lease and the helpless, to do something about he rampant poverty in this world. How many verses are there about taking care of those who are poor? How many verses are there about about standing up for justice in this world? Poverty is a moral issue."
"Much like the disciples, it would be easy for us to stand on the side of the impossible. It would be easy to see the needs and be overwhelmed with all that we are not able to do. But if anything is clear from the life of Jesus, it is this: The world of the impossible has been overthrown, and in its place a Kingdom of possibilities has invaded."


Sarah said...

I am absolutely in love with the last line of that true...and convicting. Your burden and love that God has placed in you is truly amazing...He's working out something big, Mel, I know He is.

Heth said...

Those are some powerful quotes. It reminds me of our bible study and the people who "stood at a distance". I don't want to be one of those people. That book you gave me is messing with me and I completely know how you are feeling. Heavenly Father, show us what it is that we are to do.

Sarah's right Mel. He has something huge for you and your family.

1smalltownlife said...

God will find a way to get you there "...sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti..."

I saw the Serengeti 14 years ago. And I wish I could say I blessed the rains down in Africa, but I blew it. I had a chance to step into the center of a circle of around 30 or so Maasai children and women to tell them what Jesus has done in my life. You see, they needed encouragement because their men were beating them for worshiping Jesus. I didn't go in the circle. I just stood there speechless, blank. I blew it. I didn't know Jesus.

I'd give anything to be able to go back and tell them now.