Wednesday, January 20, 2010

january ramblings.

It's going to be 60 degrees HERE today.

It's a plea ok? A plea cause I miss my iowa family, which happen to be frozen solid in another storm. I may have sunshine, but I do not have you.

I noticed when I drove home last night that I didn't have to think about where I was driving. It's been 7 months with confederate flagged neighbors.. and in a few more..??
I was taking Natalie home and she rolled down the window and talked to the deer. They didn't run, they didn't talk back either.

We have been taking a class called Perspectives.
It's too good of stuff really. I could start rambling about all the ways God is jacking with my heart, but it would be pages. I will tell you it has something to do with it being all about Him, and not me, His glory throughout the nations.

I miss my brother lots lately. Miss his smile, and hug, and just being here, walking in the room. I miss hanging tightly on the back of his motorcyle and skipping out together on family events. I can't help but long for and wonder what it will be like in the glory of the Lord.

I think I want to learn French. Or maybe Spanish or maybe french horn. Actually I've never had a desire in french horn. But I have French. Well French the language, not the horn.

I love my husband a lot lately. We've only had each other for a while now, and I think we are starting to get through the "i want to inflict pain on you" stage to "i think I like you & maybe God did know what He was doing... :)" He has grown so much in his walk with the Lord, he really amazes me.

and he has sacrificed many an hour of sleep to help me get to one more world on the new mario brothers. i love that game. it's like marriage and family counseling all wrapped up in one package.

Dang it's such a great promise that His kingdom will come. Somehow it makes these light and momentary troubles so much lighter.

& now I must feed the children breakfast.
Have a good Wednesday. :)


ShelliGib said...

Okay, I played the french horn in Jr. High. It makes a good sled. My dad made me sit out on the swing set and practice because he couldn't stand to listen to me! Then when I actually went to France I accidently started speaking Spanish! haha! Yes, a trip to Arkansas is looking nice and warm!!

Heth said...

I love you.

Natalie Joy said...

Silly lady. I love your heart and passion!

Tina said...

I miss you. :(

ann said...

I played the french horn from 5th grade on up. I remember walking home from school, a good mile or so, with my friend stephanie. she played the flute. somehow, i managed to talk her into trading instruments on our walks home. i was mean.

i loved this post, mel.

Michelle said...

Hey- for the first time since he died, I dreamt of Craig... and I cried and cried when I woke up and realized I wanted to go back into the reality of the dream... I, too, miss him a lot lately...I think it's harder than even before... but I love this - you and Josh are meant to be together - there is no other crazy enough for either of you. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love you mel. =)