Thursday, January 7, 2010

Henri's Story

So we decided to get this little guy. We haven't had the best track record in pets lately.. so we did so with caution and hesitancy. (never a compulsive moment here..)
I like animals. I really do. They are nice. I can't wait til heaven to see what our Creator intended our relationship with them to really look like. I think it will be nice.
Ailah is (pet)rified of dogs. You would be too if your first was Gus. Enough said. But she liked him. She really liked him. All the kids did. And Josh really thought it was a good idea to bring him to bed with us.. really.

Henri's history: he was born into a mean pet shop. Ms. Craigslist rescued him. And from her into our family came a timid, sweet little pompoo.. (which just is a wrong name for a boy..) & within a few days we turned him into a scrappy, crazy, little guy. He fit right in..
But then.
He snuck out on an adventure.. silly open gate... and our little white puff ball was gone in residential suburban usa.

Hours later.. we still didn't find him.
He was without tags.. microchipped but registered to the mean pet shop.
What then?

The kids spent the entire day handing out over 200 fliers. Picture this: five kids house to house in the snow with a wagon.. supported by their almost brother and sister.. lacking snow attire ((which we thought was safe to leave in exchange for presents in IA))

A boy with a duct tape fedora. Robby with Josh's boots on. Oli in the wagon with gloves on his feet.. the froggy rain boots didn't cut it. Mission lead by four little determined girls-to find Henri :)
We met people who prayed for Henri- and followed up by phone. We met our neighbors.
But at the end of the day, no Henri.

I pulled out the worst possible scenario card and the poor poor pity me card. At times they started to trump Maja's FAITH card.

And first thing the next morning Henri came home. Found 5-6 blocks away..
Identified by a crumpled up flier delivered in determination and love.

Who knows where the little guy spent the night.. & im sure that he fought off at least an armadillo or two..
Dumb me. I have been disappointed by this fallen world so many times that sometimes life seems as hopeless as a lost white dog in a cold white winter. It takes my baby's faith to bring it around..

So often I walk in fear having no idea what the scenario will be. But do I trust Him that gives and takes away? Dark and hopeless.. but the Rescuer has come & is coming again.
Ya I know.. it's all about a little puppy. But ill go with Tina.. wisdom from "Up": life is lived in the little things.

And so Henri returns to our nutso family. Back to little sweaters. And chewing on polly pocket heads. And the adventure continues.


ShelliGib said...

Oh my, I was so nervous for a minute! I was of course thinking the worst! Glad he found his way home. The whole thing reminded me of that cell phone commercial where they were looking for the dog! I need some photos of the duct tape fedora and gloves on the feet!

Natalie Joy said...

So glad he is home and what a great way to look at the situation. I think we all learned a little something and those kids had a great adventure in the process. Good life lessons.

Tina said...

Oh so sweet. I'm glad they found him. And LOVE the pic of Noah. You need to frame that one.

Heth said...

Sweet Little Henri. He will fit in so well at your house. He's adorable, I'm so glad he made it back safely. And Noah, you are awesome.

jenni said...

...But do I trust Him that gives and takes away? Dark and hopeless... but the Rescuer has come and is coming again. GOOD STUFF my friend GOOD STUFF!!

Really awesome pics by the way. The lighting of the pic of Henri is beautiful.