Monday, November 9, 2009

Ramblings about Moolah.

I've never actually taken Financial Peace University. I think there is probably a lot of truth in it. Truth's that enable believers to walk in freedom from the bondage of debt. I have almost been beaten for questioning it.. for asking tough questions about it... because those that the process has worked for wholeheartedly believe in the program- yet makes me question the whole "peace" thing.. :)

So here is my deal.
We live in a town where resources are a little less limited for many families.
It has made me question finances and God's role in ours. We have tried to remain debt free, but reality is: we just moved & Josh went under the knife.. :)

Money is a strange concept to me. To one, it means a nice lunch and the other life. And where is that burden vs guilt? Do faithfullness and logic go hand in hand in finances?
Sometimes I just think I have things figured out. Then I realize I NEVER will. That without the Spirit's thought process.. that Im still in high school huffing something.

I think Im wrapping this up. My point: I need to rip off the hat that I wear that ties me to this world's logic. Is 1+1=2..?? Perhaps the argument for creationism is really revealed in arithmetic. It doesn't matter how hard that I try to pile my store house.. that MY efforts will not change this world.

Who am I working for..?
Yesterday at a beverage bar- the kids mixed soda with coffee flavorings. It tasted like a really bad mixed drink.. it was :) Nasty.
How often do I wear faith mixed with this world's logic & create something that you just want to gag on?

We can live as much in the bondage of logic as debt.

John 6:27 Don't work for the food that perishes but for the food that lasts for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal of approval on Him.

His dreams align with His resources.
Did Mary have the resources to mother a child? She was vulnerable and yet completely equipped. (And completely nuts to the world around her.)


Jenni said...

I love you girl!

ShelliGib said...

I'm so glad to know everyone stuggles with this, or at least you and me...I'm going through the same thing right now. Hard to keep it all in check, all in perspective. Sometimes I wonder why it's sooo hard to figure out things for myself - I'm so confused lately that I think I need a huge sign! HUGE!

Heth said...

"His dreams align with His resources."

Love this.

Anonymous said...

AHH. I totally struggle with this.