Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the funniest thing ever.

sometimes in ones life they just need a father's loving hand to guide them along.
my dad was numero uno @ practical jokers.. & i know quite a few pros
((paint a picture in your mind of a goat locked in one's vehicle.. ruthless i say..))
but being since i have begged him for advice and he refuses to answer..

i NEED your help.
seriously people.
i have been nailed this winter.
with forks.. car paint.. toilet paper... a Solar santa.. ((don't ask))
and really..
im lame.
i can't come up with anything..
i mean that's REALLY good.
like pee your pants good...

i mean not that i believe in revenge or anything.. but i need some type of strategy here...


Heth said...

You know I've got nothin'. Ask Nate. He's good with that kind of stuff.

ann said...

I was just going to say that too, Mel! Ask Nate :) And I can't wait to see what you come up with.

jenni said...

You could always try what my daycare mom was going to do to me on April Fools.... open can of tuna left in their car. Boy I'm glad she was unsuccessful! :)

Michelle said...

How about the time when dad switched the hard-boiled eggs in someone's lunch box at work for the unhard-boiled kind? And sat at the same table and just waited for that person to "crack and peel" those eggs?

Angela said...

That egg one sounds good. You need to watch "The Office" starting from season one and on through...there are more practical jokes than I can think of right now, and there are some GOOD ones. Trust me. I'll loan you the DVDs. :-)