Tuesday, January 27, 2009

insane amount of rambling..

one of the last times that i saw my big brother was when he was standing waiting for me and tara and the kids to get off the tilt-a-world... my mom's fav..
just standing there leaning against the fence...
a big soda in his hand wearing a huge Craig grin..
his jeans drippin wet sporting that pee-d in look wonderfully...

i have had such an amazing week
somewhere in the midst of it
i threw my arms in the air
and started hanging on for the ride
cause each and everytime i try to grab ahold
He brings it around
and reminds me

it could be tomorrow

i can't tell you how stinkin blessed i am
we talk about finding a church
one that fits like a glove
some how
some way
God gave me a family
really i don't fit it
He wove me into it
i don't know who and what i am apart from it and Him
i may very well be the ugly string in the midst of them
yet somehow comes together perfectly

i have fought really hard to control this ride
but it aint gona happen
i could continue with my expectations
with my agenda
with my mapped out plan, or lack thereof :)

and He's just standing there
watching in joy
His kiddos
on this ride
cause He's going to redeem it all

i trust that.

there is a difference between the first church in acts and me
they really really believed
they banked on Him
without a building
without the next step

and they celebrated every meal- together
good bad ugly
im ready to party.

so really there is no point to this post
and all the point

i am nothing without Him
i am everything with Him

i got nothing without Him
security in my country
my job
my life

and everything with Hum
even without anything

so how's that for ramblings???


Beth said...


great illustration!

Angela said...

You're the best. We're just lucky to have you. Love you the most. Thanks for letting me have my first Wii experience!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This is beautiful.

And you my friend, are one of the most beautiful threads in the tapestry of life, because He so clearly shines through you.

Heth said...

I love your ramblings. I love you.

jenni said...

Your ramblings end up being my favorite posts! :) I had so much fun last night.

Amie said...

I love this post.

Except the tilt-a-whirl. That made me pukey. :)

I bet he has an even bigger Craig smile today.

ann said...

I loved this post.

nicole said...

I.Heart.You. A LOT!!! thanks for always being you. just you and nothing else. no fake no acky no yuck. just you. all the time.