Friday, January 30, 2009

cake, tattoos, groupies, and stuff

ok ok...

i fess up
as much of you know... yesterday was a HUGE event in my life
a marker..
once you hit.. never to return
to *this* young again..

its such an odd feeling..

and i am COMPLETELY spoiled
like nutso
like crazy nutso with extra whip and carmel drizzle..

did you know that the biggest box of jr mints has somewhere around 1500 calories???
and kasey made me an incredible chocolate cake..
which josh very politely shoveled into my face.. i did pretty good...??

i very well may go into a sugar coma..

Can you see it:
FOURTEEN year old midwest GIRL slips into coma after INSANE amounts of refined sugar.. the overdose was likely caused by the denial of her AGE..

Maja of course offered a delightful insight...
momma your going to look like Tobymac when your His age.. i know it! (josh wasn't too thrilled..)

the best was the HUGE blemish that appeared on the right side of my face
it was like mount puberty

as if a gentle breeze erupting on my face
i could hear God's whisper..
fourteen fourteen fourteen

thank you Lord.
for only you would realize the significance of a Huge Ugly Zit
*it stole my heart*

(apparently one of those things you can't fully describe :)

SO anyhum..
it's been a month of change at our house..

we have a new addition to our crazy family!!
our beautiful, crazy, amazing, TEENAGE niece has been living with us. i feel like Shanda.. it's kinda weird having a niece a year OLDER than me..

and in ONE week and 2 days we will be flying to Uganda.. holy cow..

we went to see tobymac :)
and had vale parking
and i became an official groupie..
did i tell you how amazing my friends are???
i wish that i was smart enough to cross things out.. cause id replace friends with family... but since i have NO clue how to really do ANYTHING with blogger....

and i got a tattoo!!

not really...
did i have you wondering??

have a blessed weekend...

ps: it's jenni's 15th birthday to day :)
she's WAY older than me...
and mature and stuff...


ann said...

Melanie, you are SUCH a delight! I love love love your writing style. You are heading out in a little over a week??? Oh man that is wonderful!

Heth said...

Happy 14th. Hey, you can get your permit!

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Happy B-day! Everyone forgets after 14, so you don't have to worry about 15, 16 and so on! So, I can't believe you guys can find a way to go to Uganda, but not to Omaha? haha! Have fun, be safe and all that stuff! Love you guys!

Tina said...

I don't know why you even WANT to be 14. That was a horrible year for me. ick.

But, truly, in a lot of ways... you will always be 14. hehe...

Love you 30 times more than I did before!!!! HAHAHA

Shan said...

Yeah, so when it said i got a tattoo i thought you where for real, until i kept reading. It was funny. And isn't fun having an older niece? haha love ya mel and Happy Birthday...again :)

jenni said...

Hey why am I 15 and you are 14!!! If I recall you were born 1 day before me so shouldn't it be the other way around! Love ya like crazy.