Thursday, July 3, 2008


the homeowners association in our neighborhood consists of the following members:

recently it was called to my attention that my curbside was filled to their regulations. apparently, you can only have an alloted amount of appliances.

actually, the water heater pick up men are clearing them out fast, goodbye to everyone's new lawn ornament.

our lawn length regulations are specifically: when your neighboring home has grass exceeding your liking: mow it.

a recent photograph of our street

politically our neighborhood is kinda dominated by the hilary clinton loving signs across the street. i don't think anyone else really cares. but they really love the lady.. wait she's done.. right?

we have had volunteers from every religion in swinging a hammer together. and the schriner man who almost ran over our daughter with his winnebago.

speaking of winnies. many of their homes have been so damaged that if they are fixable they are going to move in a winnie for months until they can rebuild. wait, is that neighborhood code?

have i told you guys yet about the african house on the corner? seems they are attending a local college, josh is stalking them. literally. he won't leave them alone. nerd.

when your matching rubber boots are all wading through bacteria sludge together, the oddities disappear. instead of your goofy labels, you have people. real people with hurts and crazy gifts and approaches. and suddenly you can't live without them.

i laugh, for God placed us exactly where we fit. well sorta. all except the whole secret code pin thing, cause i don't think i get that.


Beth said...

love this post

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I LOVE this because I so get what you're's the same way here in NH.

Also am quite pleased to hear Josh is stalking his neighbors...keep up the good work :)

PS - are you going to Michelle's shower on sat?

Tina said...

code pin? please explain.

you have such a fabulous outlook.

have i told you that i love you lately?

melanie said...

our heating guy is from tiny town, and he is a hoot! except i feel really bad for him cause he got hit w the tornado, flood, and his mom died. but i always think of you when i see him and i keep praying that he's going to find his way inside your church doors!
and yes, i am going, i am excited to see her pregnant! it won't be long and he'll be here! are you going??


I don't stalk all neighbors-just the elderly and those from Sierra Leone. Just thought I better clarify.

ann said...

hahaha of course i had to enlarge the photo of all your garbage on the curb and see what's in there. is that a wig in that box there?

oh and I noticed some flowers growing along the side of the house? yay life! it survived the flood, or maybe you justplanted those recently.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

You're so cool!