Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is Josh writing, so first of all a disclaimer: my beautiful wife is a much better writer than I. Here are seven random things about myself, many of them definitely wierd.

1. I hate lettuce. Whether it be in a salad or on a chicken sandwich, it just tastes like grass to me(yes, when I was about four I tried grass once).

2. I have dreamed of living a very different life for most of my life. When I was in third grade I wanted to be Amish. Fifth grade I dreamed of living in South America. By age 21 I figured I needed a barn and some cattle. Lately I find myself dreaming of traveling to remote churches in East Africa.

3. I love Nebraska football. I know, who doesn't, right? My grandparents were from there and my grandfather made sure I was brainwashed at a very young age. In fact, this was probably one of the only subjects my grandpa talked about. When he made his yearly trips to Lincoln, he would always bring back either a cap or a sweatshirt for me. I literally grew up watching the Power I and the Option run to perfection in Big Red's glory days. Long live Herbie the Husker!

4. I love nature. Trees, flowers, grass, creeks, mountains, animals, just all of God's creation. I love it especially when it is touched very little by man. The funny thing is that I like it untouched by man, but I want to be in it and touch it myself.

5. I enjoy public speaking. It gives me a great feeling, kind of like the feeling you get before a big sporting event that you are competing in. Strange, yes I know.

6. I used to have pet snakes. This does not seem strange to me, because snakes do not scare me, but the gross part is that I also had to keep and breed rats and mice to feed the snakes. One time the heater that heated the rats and mice went psycho and cranked up to like 140 degrees. You can about imagine the smell after a day of that. I also had to cut the teeth of the rats before feeding them to my snakes so they would not bite the snake while being strangled to death. Mmmm makes me hungry.

7. I like American Motors cars. I have owned a wide array of vehicles in my life, but none have been as fun and reliable as my AMC vehicles. I have owned several Javelins, three Gremlins, a Pacer, several Jeeps, and a slew of others. Melanie's favorite was my 1973 Ambassador four door-bronze with bronze interior.


Sarah said...

ok...the rat and snake thing...makes me want to barf up the mac and cheese I just ate for supper...thanks :)

I love that you love public speaking...that too, is crazy :)

I love you and Melanie together...perfection.

naomi said...

hey mr. grass eatin, amish, snake pettin, gremlin man; i am going to beat up herbie the husker.
i don't think you touched the surface of your weirdnesses.. you can't fool us.
how bout the time you wanted a barn really really bad. so you asked the neighbor if you could buy his and move it.. (seriously.) or about the time you were on the church roof in a lightning storm. or the time you cut down a telephone pole, only to outrun it. you moved a double garage down main street on a wagon at like 3 in the morning..? or how you are get excited cleaning glass: sick. or how you love people, and will sit down and talk (forever) with them. mainly anyone that is different. or how you were going to cut yourself in art class, but instead ended up with an even weirder wife. what about kampala? i know... 7 things. but you are full of random and weird! i love you butt head.

Heth said...

I am loving that you wanted to be Amish. I didn't know that.

1smalltownlife said...

I've held a snake! They are surprisingly soft. Not slimy or prickly or anything. Very soft and fluid movements up and down my arm and in between my fingers. It was actually pretty cool.

Tina said...

yeah okay... #6 - sick sick sick.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

HAHA! I remember the snakes and the gross rats!! They did stink. You forgot how you use to dress up in old Army clothes, the skater phase..I remember the flop! Ahh I could go on and on! But you're super fun, but Mel's right..a little weird too! : )

Anonymous said...

Yuck!!!Nebraska,I just do not want to hear about this!!!But I love you Daddy so much!!!!!!~Maja