Friday, April 18, 2008

Everyone laughs at their families right? Cause if you didn't laugh you'd go bananas. What's that book- Everyone's normal, until you get to know them.. I don't think it would take much more than a mere observation with my family.

This weekend we are going on a road trip to my aunt's. Which is kinda a sad trip cause she has her house on the market. Good memories there, watching my first Fredy Kreuger movie in my cousin's room, next to his pyramid of chew cans. And the kitchen; my aunt is a great cook. She always wears an apron. I don't even own an apron. (Maybe I wouldn't spill on my jammies.) Everyone else stays away when she and my mom cook together. They've called one anther "Skinny" for the past 60 years. Apparently, after seven children and lots of fried chicken, the childhood name has a sweet ring to it. So, from a distance you hear, "Skinny, would yah hand me that plate." "Skinny what are you doing with them..." "Skinny, Skinny...!" "Skinny" Well you understand. My aunt, odd duck, but I love her to pieces.

So guess it is going to be road trip month. Cause next week I am going to be headed 17 hours with my fam to Mississippi to my other aunt's. I really love the state. I remember stopping with my dad at a roadside stand for my first boiled peanuts. ((gag!!)) I love the fresh seafood, the sweet smiles, and the drawl, ya all. I have stair step photos of me in some really old tree at the gulf, and now my kids will to. But I haven' t been there since Katrina.

My aunt is celebrating her 80th birthday. When I was little, I thought she was mother Theresa. She went into the convent with missions on her heart. But somehow became a missionary in southern miss, as a teacher and social worker. When I was a kid she still wore a habit and she would take me along when she delivered meals to small shack like homes.

A handful of my cousins and aunts and uncles are all going to have big old party, mass included. Some of them I haven't seen for seven years, since our last family reunion. Lots of funny: funny haha, and funny peculiar.

And I am going to have to deal with my brother's stinky socks all weekend.


naomi said...

I can`t wait to go to Mississippi!!!!

Heth said...


dixie sharecropper said...

WOW! I never thought five nights without my much better half would be so hard! And lame! Hope you had a great "experience" y'all!