Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bourbon Street

Sometimes God takes me outside of my box to show me what is inside my heart. He never ceases to show me that He is so much bigger than I could ever think I am.
New Orleans is filled with His people.
Magicians, Fortune Tellers, Mimes, Artists, The Snake Man, The Religious Freak,
The Micheal Jackson Man, Dancers, Musicians, Young, Old, Black, White, Muslim

As a kid I was so very intimidated.
And yet, there is some weird sense of acceptance and community.
People weaving in and out, seeking, searching, being.
It's funny, in a city that is so very poor and in so many ways so very dark, there is some sense of freedom.

As a storm came, and the rain pounded down, I ran through the streets looking for our car.
Barefoot, through puddles, lost, yet so close to God.
Blinded as it beat down, my heart went out to this city.
I can not fathom clinging to my children, and the fear these people encountered. I can not imagine the winds and the rain. The hopelessness. The forgotten.

And yet, good, poor, rich, ugly, toothless, He knows each of them inside and out, not one insignificant to Him.
The beggars, the desperate, the players. Am I so different?
Do I love this crazy? Do I love His people? Do I live in Freedom?
Do I truly live?


Ragen' Cajun said...

Awesome. I fall in love with you all over again when I hear your heart and the amazing woman of God you are!

Beth said...

hey girl~
I had no idea you had a blog!

Beefy said...

You amaze me.

Make sure you write when you move to Africa and become a teacher. No wonder you homeschooled!!! :) No really, I am so excited about what God has for you.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Love the photos!