Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This one's for Jenni..

it's not really fair that im posting cause ive been kinda out of blogging... and.. well it's like im living in my mom's backyard in a camper without technology and stuff.. or something..

but jenni's been on my case.. & so i present a brief update:

i packed ALL of josh's belts.. and even tho originally a man's.. the kids love to remind him that he sports a GIRL belt quite nicely

owls deep in conversation sound mighty similar to baboons.. hum.. & isn't april the month of midnight showers????

and.. my baby is three..
three.. ???


happy mommies day to you all out there... esp to you all who have been such an awesome mommie in my babies' lives this year..



Michelle said...

Can't believe she's three!!! Hope all is well and her card gets to you!

Angela said...

I love you...and your babies...they are the best.

jenni said...

Aawwww! I'm so touched!!!! No pics of the camper??????? How did our babies grow up so fast? Scary to think that our oldest will hit double digits this summer. :(