Tuesday, January 13, 2009

all serious stuffs

forgive my immaturity.
it just it seems the serious stuff has consumed my life lately.

being that the bananas are now cleared from my head..
and have joined the other dancing fruit in yours..

lets get down to the nitty gritty:

in less than 4 weeks i am going to be trapped for 17 some hours in a huge metal bird with a gazillion strangers, one really cute husband, and potties that try sucking my hoodie strings into the heavens each time that i pull the lever.

meanwhile.. our children will be all nestled in at their second.. third.. fourth... homes.. with the true saints Christ refers to.

and the final destination? a country that plagues our thoughts... faces that we have yet to meet.

for half of the time we get to be part of a group that is going to encourage, train, and build up pastors. it seems that God is doing some amazing things in Africa.. too fast for leadership in the church to be trained. how awesome is that problem??

and the second part? we get to go hang out at an orphanage. no agenda, no schedule. for three days go love on and be with our little sisters and brothers in Christ. too bad i haven't been practing my soceer skill since bulgaria...

and do you think it coincidence that we return just hours before breakaway begins?? dance off: watch out. good-bye extra left foot... uncovering moves in the land where rhythm originated. well maybe hello to clapping AND singing at the same time!

after a few interesting holiday-time questions, just to clear things up:
1. Moving there? two weeks and we'll be back in the midwest of the USA.. no permanency here folks. only completely nutso people would consider moving their 5 children to a "foreign" land.
2. Safe? Uganda in God's will is safer than outside God's will in my living room. being that He kinda made me and well has control over my soul and stuff like that, i think i'll leave the fearing to Him alone.... :)
3. Pushing religion??? Nah. it's all about destroying religion in the resurrection. about the power of God actually being powerful and alive and real. it's all about Him. cause i'm just an idiot, who couldn't even sell something as appetizing as religion.

thanks to all of you who have prayed for us...
who have made our kids your own :)
who have walked with us day by day the past 6 months.
cause that includes the ugly and the painful as well as the milk out of your nose moments.
and continue to redefine the word family.


Michelle Gibilisco said...

Ok...I'm confused...probably because I've only blog talked to you! ha! So this is what I got from your blog... you're going somewhere...not sure where or how long and you might be moving...to Omaha..oh wait I made that part up! Fill me in! : )

jenni said...

my dear friend you are amazing!!! truly AMAZING... i love you so much! i can't wait to hear all about your trip to Africa. God is going to use you and your hubby in a mighty way. I believe in you... never forget that.

Heth said...

You are awesome. And also a little bit crazy, it a good way. I can't believe you are doing Uganda and then coming straight to Breakaway. Crazy. If that isn't culture shock, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

God's looking for a few crazy people to follow Him to the ends of the earth.
I pray you come back so contagious that you affect all you come into contact with.
Check your suitcase before you leave, I think I know someone who would stow away if she could!

Tina said...

I acutally just filled in my calendar last night and realized how soon that is coming up. WOW!!!
You may not feel ready...but you will be.

Angela said...

You are going to rock Uganda with God's love. They won't want you to come home to us. But I will miss you massively while you are gone.

This 6 months has been...what? Horrible? Scary? Hard? Yeah...but wonderful and amazing to be able to walk so closely together through it all. LOVE you like a sister. You are the real deal, babe.

ann said...

Awesome post, I loved your #2. I am so excited for you and for all the people you're going to meet over there. It's going to be life-changing.