Friday, January 2, 2009


Two guys were in a tent. One awoke to realize that their tent had been robbed. Freaking, he awoke his friend. Who didn't notice.. who was amazed, not by what he lost, by what he gained- in clear view of God's creation.

I stink at resolutions. But God seems to give me a song each year that ministers to me where I am. This is my prayer this year, that I might have His eyes, His Vision.
That God might rip my tent off and reveal His glory.
Happy New Year!


jenni said...

Love that song! Grace got that cd for Christmas... it's really good. I've come to the conclusion that if 2009 ends up being like 2008 and I find myself barely keeping my head above water or if it's the best stinkin' year of my life one thing remains true... GOD is GOD and I am not! He's still in control! I need to trust HIM and HIM alone! I love you my friend... here's to 2009! :)

ann said...

I love how God sends just the right song, and you've got a great one there. Happy New Year, Melanie.

Tina said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!