Friday, August 22, 2008

Gypsy Village 2

This village had a church established and seemed to be fairly strong. Pastor Harold from Montana delivered the Word and Josh was able to share his testimony. It was amazing to hear each member of our team's testimonies in God's timing, He seemed to take it and fill it to reach the hearts we were ministering to.
From the moment we arrived my heart was drawn to the men in front of us. They didn't come forward during prayer but I could tell that God was doing something in their hearts. It was a moment of conflict for me, especially since they were men. I looked at Tammy and she at me. In her eyes I could see that God was laying them on her heart as well. I think that Satan has many of the men in bondage to various things and lies. But for two American women to come and lay their hands on them, we had to be sure that it was God. As we finished praying, their eyes were etched in my heart. Us without speaking a word of Bulgarian, and them without understanding a word of English. Just a tiny moment of the trip, yet God values their significance so greatly in His story.After prayer, we headed outside with bags full of Bazooka Bubble gum. And no, I couldn't translate the Bazooka song very well, I threw in the towel, but the jingle is in your head isn't it? This sweet mommy came up to me. Many times in the gypsy culture, there are arranged marriages and for girl many times it is as young as 14 or 15. It was hard sometimes to give the babies a treat, when you want to love on the parents just as much. I gave a piece of gum to a young girl, intending it to be for herself. She immediately placed it in her babie's mouth. Paranoid, I know, but I could see her choking and gagging on that hard round pink chunk of whatever it really is and all I could think is: we are in the middle of nowhere, and I just gave a baby a piece of bazooka gum!

After many choking signs, heaving, hands on my throat actions, trying to show her that she needed to give him a small piece, and sounding like a horse saying neh, neh neh, an interpretor finally came by. Praise Jesus. But she and her baby, and her close friend amused by my paincking state, became for a few moments my sisters.

I seriously can't wait to meet our huge family in eternity.

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