Friday, July 18, 2008

a new do:

each time i was pregnant i had an urge to do something different with my hair. maja was the initial chop. noah went even shorter.. like crazy short. bel was bleach blond with a perm. and when i got pregnant with oli, i vowed not to cut my hair until he was in kindergarten. and i stuck with it, well, kinda except for when i fried it off with the whole pink episode last summer. and well he just turned four. which leaves me with the same hairdo for four years and nine months. straight, long, thin. and it has been fun. but, 30 is around the corner and a girls gotta grow up right. not really, but change, yes.
he's not in kindergarten yet , but with homeschooling, i guess i could say he is right? so i did it. i was cleaning up supper, decided, and went. to the first place. compulsive. so here it is:

since i always have it pulled back, it will probably look the same, even minus the length. but it is complete with a highlight, by my husband. (pat on the back josh) I know, I know, never do that. but when one's compulsive, stand back.

i have always lacked in a sense of style. carpet took me five minutes to pick out: soft and squishy.

as a kid my hair was short and boy like, like me. occasionally an orphan annie fro, when my mom held me down and tortured me.

then there is the subject of clothes. from tomboy then into highschool: vintage grunge. and then my first job at the bank: old people uniforms, ugh!! i turned 70 overnight. i need help people.

and today that was apparent. i can not believe i am even telling you this. in a hurry to gather the kids, lunch, and pool stuff for swimming lessons, apparently i placed my swimsuit top on inside out. don't laugh too much, i realized it. after spending two hours in it. hehe. oh dear.

have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole said...

tee hee hee cute hair!!!!!! I have to admit on the inside out thing, i go to work 3/4 of the time with my underwear on inside out-you will never look at me the same will ya? not till i go on my first potty break of the day do i realize that i might need to start taking a little more time in the am.. I am clothes challgenged too--mostly trinkets tee shirs and comfy shorts---no fashionista here! besides you always look cute, even in slop boots and a do rag cute cute cute i say!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

LOVE your hair!! Super cute on you!

And I'm with Nicole, you always look cute, even with stuff inside-out :)

Angela said...

Holy cuteness!! I love it! I are adorable no matter what you wear. I would love to have seen you hanging out in the inside-out swim top, though. That's pretty awesome. :-)

I MISS YOU!! Love you, girl. Find me tomorrow morning in church - I want to pray with you for your trip since I am not playing this week. I've been praying!

Beth said...

uh! you always look cute! I love your style! and your hair!!

Beefy said...

LOVE IT!!! Pregnancy does that to a person - and the highlight - that is a normal deal around here - my dad does a GREAT color! Foils like the best of them.

Heth said...

Way to go on the color Josh! It's super cute Mel. Love it.

Michelle Gibilisco said...

I love it! You're so funny! Wish I could be as easy going as you. Makes you a great mom and wife.

PS. I plan to chop mine off after I remove all baby weight!