Sunday, July 27, 2008

the count continues..

so as of today there are *four* days left until dutadaduh Bulgaria. i thought that i have been relatively clam, somewhat sane. but apparently my subconscious has revealed my true inner emotions.
i love sunday naps. love them. love them like elf loves maple syrup. so my wonderful husband woke me up, who love the Lord, was also given the gift of nap loving. and immediately i had to giggle. call it stress, call it attacks, but my dreams are revealing that my cheese has officially slid off it's cracker. and i only had a half of piece in the beginning.

and so it all started something like this:
i was in the back row of church. at my church. and i was surrounded by a bunch of people. one of them was ang and she was singing during worship most beautifully. then i realized that our executive pastor of ministry development (impressed, that i think i got that correct??) - he was all standing there with you know- his dreads- all the way down his back. it intrigued me so that he was able to curl them into perfect spirals. if you know him, you would know that in realty- he does not have dreads, actually- he doesn't have hair, and i think i may have knew that in my inner knower, but yet it was so real, the dream, the hair. and as i admired his locks, i passed out string cheese to everyone around me, finally asking him how- how could you spiral curl dreads so perfectly?

you see- apparently everyone else around me wanted to know this as well and was intrigued by his do. but our senior pastor wasn't the least big amused by the slight hair interruption, and he brought the mic out for us to share .... you remember these days in school- if you have something to share that is so important, please share with the whole class, well maybe not, but i was naughty, *cough*.... he concluded that it may be a good idea for each of us to sing a little note for the congregation.
it was very beautiful, like in the sound of music, pretty little notes dancing through the sanctuary. i hid behind the small crowd, knowing my turn was coming.

yet i was spared! ..and this is when it gets really weird and crazy, you may want to stop here...

he, my pastor, gave me tap dancing shoes and with a blink of an eye (well, not literally, i was sleeping still) somehow i was on center stage. coming from backstage to join me came what had to be a "professional" dancer. she was so elegant, and mesmerized us all. as i watched her do her routine, my mind scrambled. i can almost do the chicken dance, i still struggle with the bazooka bubble gum dance- which by the way, you must learn! i have bazooka bubble gum packed, shhh!(i tried to post a utube, but it didn't work. so u gotta go check it out there to learn the moves.) getting back to the gripping scene.. how was i going to tap dance? it was either going to be a complete failure, or... God was going to supernaturally give me the ability to dance like none other! suddenly, i got really excited. i pictured myself gliding across the stage, amusing the audience with my skills as i tapped away. she motioned that it was my turn. and i danced. and danced.

at first she tried to show me that what i was doing wasn't the planned program. that it wasn't "right." i tried to understand. and then i think she just gave up. and that's when i really began. i let go, and danced away! she attempted to catch me on my jumps- yes jumps. oh how i looked ridiculous. but i felt so free! and i was a dancer, if only for a moment. and with my final leap, i soared off the stage.

well actually plummeted into the audience. what was the reaction going to be, a standing ovation? just as i was ready to pull myself together for my encore, crowd yelling. did they really like me? but then i hear them: "should we take away her shoes?"

and my pastor's response? "take them quickly!!"

i should have been disappointed. i stunk. i stunk way bad. they took away my shoes for goodness sake. but somehow i was so excited. i was dancing if only for my King! is that how David felt?

maybe it had a hidden meaning, that when God or your Pastor calls you to dance, do it onto the King!... even if everyone else chokes on their string cheese! or maybe it's about dreads, curly curly dreads. Or maybe it's about the excitement welling inside, *4* days!!! Now that's real crazy.


Jenni said...

Love the new look of your blog! I must say though that I do miss the lamp. Your dreams never cease to amaze me. Just as I'm positive God is going to amaze you on this trip. He has awesome plans for you. Just you wait and see! :) love you bunches!

Beefy said...

HA! Love the dream! You'd be a great tap dancer - I've always wanted to learn, too.....

4 days....YAY! You'll have a greata time. Don't forget to pack the string cheese.

Shan said...

i love your back ground, were did you find it.