Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok, so i have made it clear that i don't like lists. And after i thought about it, i think it's really the obligation of a list that i don't like. if you don't have one, you can just kinda float through life.. hum. Yah, so there's my problem.

Second problem:
For the last month, at least, I have told my sweet husband to wake me up when he gets up, cause he's all disciplined and stuff. Did i mention that he has a great sense of humor? it goes something like:

"i think i'm going to run in the morning, will you wake me up?"

"sure.... do you want me to really wake you up? "
"huh... i donno, we'll see."

You guessed it. Not once. Not once. i can't do it. and i have to take the blame, cause he tries, he does. But it is just so hard. i am willing to leave my soft, warm cozy bed for a few things, really. but not running. -sidenote, i had an awesome dream the other night that toby mac was leading worship at church and john rueben was standing next to me worshiping. it was fun, well, maja thought it was cool anyway.

i hate running.

it is so bad. bad. bad. bad.
i know there are like a kabillion of you out there who are so awesome and amazing, and i think you have so many skills. And i realize that as you so beautifully run along that you may not be grinning cheek to cheek, that "supposedly" (although i haven't experienced that to actually witness it's truth) the reward is at the end. But how do you do it???!

i remember my freshman year. i spent way too much time dorking off in track. (i know... can't believe it.) but i have never mastered the mental game. All that comes across my mind every. single. step. is "this is not fun!! it really really stinks. this is not fun." kinda like a breathing pattern.

and i wouldn't really care all that much, except there is this part of me, the part that realizes i am not 14 anymore, *cough*, who kinda would like to figure this thingy out. Not to run marathons, or anything crazy like that. But to simply become a "disciplined" adult who can wake up in the mornings, put on my shoes, and at least walk out the door of my house. Even if i just go around the block!

Hey- i guess i have a real list t-

things that i am not good at and that are simply not good:

1. lists
2. running

i would like to say that tomorrow will be different. but, well, ask josh.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I pretty much feel the same way about running, i kid you not. The only thing that gets me out of my bed is my friend, who woke herself up and drove to my house, waiting at my door :) Make Jenni do it :)

Beth said...

totally adorable post!
I agree make jenni do it!
even if she leaves you in the're out of bed at least! ha ha!

Heth said...

Who says you have to run? Would you feel happier about yoga or pilates? Actually, you need to release your inner luchador. Maybe wrestling is your thing.

Wait, "lucha libre, it's a sin".

Beefy said...

LOVE your conversation example! Me and Harry's goes like that. But I say "I dunno, we'll see" when he tries to wake me up...not the night before - U just rock. I thought about an exercise video, does anyone do those anymore??

Michelle Gibilisco said...

Yes, I totally understand. I got in the habit once to wake up and be at the gym by 5:45. It lasted maybe six months? Now I can't do it. I really want to be able to as well. Maybe someday we'll grow up!

Beefy said...

Better check my Sadie comments - it's 4 u. :) I will sing them for you with motions if you like.

ann said...

Oh man, sometimes when I read your blog I feel like I'm looking into my own brain. I so totally completely agree with you. I'm in the same boat.

Jenni said...

o.k. what's up with the..."make Jenni do it"? Well...if I must.
Call me Sunday night to talk about it. Maybe 6:00 Monday morning. Sound good? :)

melanie said...

uh... yah. well jenni you scare me. i would seriously but you are psycho runner, so there, i can't keep up with you!!! i think i'll be all snuggled in my bed monday morning with my kitty. and you can call me at noon, and i'll be in my jammies.