Tuesday, March 25, 2008


applesauce. there is nothing like a good applesauce fight. come on.. try it. you know that slight hesitation before flinging your spoon across the room, don't hold back. let it go. live the vision. and that's all i'll say. (mel)

ok know lets get down to the nitty gritty. (josh)....
why do we make such a big deal about stupid things. no seriously. in america we are so consumed with what drink we want at starbucks and what we are going to pick out on the menu, we miss out.
i have never really been anywhere.. other than mississippi, nebraska, and colorado... and well that's about it. but it seems to me like we live in a big world. and i know a lot of people say it's small but there is a lot out there. i have been thinking a lot lately about different parts of the world. especially africa.
do you ever get a word or a name stuck in your head. and like rainman.. it keeps repeating in your subconscious over and over and over and over... well you get it. and when you stop thinking about what you are thinking about you realize that all along there it was... not pertaining to anything.. just a word. lately it's been "kampala." no big deal. just the capital of uganda. maybe i'm supposed to open a body shop in uganda. or maybe run for president there. uh... the bad thing is i hate bodywork and i don't think that i would be a good politician. and melanie hates politics and i don't really hate bodywork. i just hate chemicals. so there.
my whole point.. uh... is there a point in one's life when they stop dreaming? cap off their passions. God given passions, you know the ones that make your heart thump so hard and you feel like you need to burst.. say in a weird blog... ? i don't know, you know. but, i think the secret of it all is losing yourself. the more i know God the more i realize i know nothing, really. and that feels so liberating.
it's weird how there are seeds He has planted along the way. and how we can look at them as coincidences. like the creating of a baby in a mother's womb. and miss the miracle of His pursuit and nudging and timing. and before you know it, you find yourself at His feet. not like metaphorically, but really. and then it's done. and then it's begun.
but then there's today. how about your dream?


Heth said...

"the more i know God the more i realize i know nothing"

I love this.

Sarah said...

I just want to sit at His feet...forever. I think when we get to heaven, that's what I'll want to do...just sit there with Him.
So glad ya'll are blogging again...I missed out the first go round!

Ann said...

I went to Tanzania in college,for me a dream since 3rd grade, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I made a big deal about stupid things, and just like you said, I missed out. Oh man did I totally miss out. Actually, it was the Maasai people that missed out because I was worried about stupid things. I should post on that.

Tina said...

i ran across a book at the women's conference I thought might be interesting to read. It's called "The Grand Weaver"... and it's about how God uses our lives for his perfectly orchestrated plans..every aspect of our lives... we think is "accident" or "coincidence" are used for his purposes.

Also...there are some really good documentaries out there on the invisible children in Uganda. Lindsey just had a fundraiser at their church for this group and it made me do some searching. heart wretching stuff.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I think God is preparing you two for something far reaching than you can imagine....He plants the seeds, waters them, fertilizes them, brings forth the sunshine, and it grows. And we all get to behold the beauty of his marvelous work.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

that should of read, far "more" reaching...(sorry about that)